It's time to level up your city exploration game

These experiences include two Hidden Gemz that first lead to a fantastic restaurant and an exciting activity for afterwards. Our packages are carefully curated based on popular themes like date night or catching up with friends.

In addition to finding great places, you can enjoy power-ups by showing the gem cards for exclusive perks or discounts.

Calgary has 24 Hidden Gemz, can you find them all?

How to Play

Unlocking Cluez to the city Every event is thoughtfully curated to align with a captivating theme, guaranteeing endless excitement with new combinations for each occasions

Step 1: Choose an experience package

Step 2: Invite your favourite person

Step 3: Get ready for an exhilarating quest across Calgary with your curated package perfect for you to enjoy the moment

Step 4: Show your gem cards for exclusive discounts and power-ups

Step 5: Scan your gem card to summon Cluez who helps you find all of our Hidden Gemz and start collecting points to redeem later

Find Things To Do in Calgary

Stuck in a rut? Get cluez to be guided around the city, whether you're looking for a romantic night out or a solo adventure, our collection of fun and unique experiences has you covered

Find the best spots in Calgary: Each package comes with two Hidden Gemz to have the perfect day planned: 1 delicious place to eat and 1 fun activity for afterwards

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Complete the level

Unleash your inner adventurer and embark on a quest to uncover the hidden treasures of Calgary. With 24 Hidden Gemz scattered throughout the city, the challenge awaits: Can you find them all? Each package holds two unique Gemz waiting to be discovered, enticing you to dive deeper into the secrets of your city.

Complete the Level by collecting every hidden gem in your city

Explore the City

Create our map

How do we choose which places to add? Each place is suggested by the people that knows the city best, our trusted locals. Help us find more places to share ⬇️

Some packages come with a surprise blank gem card. Write your favourite place in Calgary and tag us on instagram to be featured

Add your favourite place

Supercharge Local Businesses

We aim to provide a fun and hassle-free way for you to experience the best our city has to offer, while also contributing to the local economy and supporting small businesses

Our gem cards offer " power-ups " with exclusive perks and competitive discounts at some of your favourite businesses

Support Local

Adventure awaits, right in your backyard

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